If you are you looking for a change of career, or perhaps a side hustle, then our Property Sourcing Training may be just the thing you're looking for.

Learn how to be a  Property Sourcer with this complete 

Property Sourcing Training for just £27!

This is a complete, total training programme on how to be a property sourcer.  It's a hugely discounted property sourcing training from an experienced property portfolio owner with over 25 years in buying properties.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Property Sourcing Training Course

There are 90 step by step videos spread over 15  modules...

  • Module 1 - What Property Sourcing really Is
  • Module 2 - The Types Of Property Deals You Can Do
  • Module 3 - Finding Deals & Property Sellers - Be Everywhere At All Times!
  • Module 4 - Finding Buyers
  • Module 5 - Negotiating & Working The Numbers
  • Module 6 - Presenting The Offer To The Investor As A Packaged Deal
  • Module 7 - Getting Deals Across The Line
  • Module 8 - Developing A Powerful Mindset
  • Module 9 - Marketing & Content Creation Strategies
  • Module 10 - How To Outsource
  • Module 11 - Systems
  • Module 12 - What To Do If You Haven't Got Results Yet
  • Module 13 - Resources
  • Module 14 - Handling Your Finances
  • Module 15 - Goal Setting & Time Management

These are the three areas you need to excel at

Learn How To Find Property Buyers

There are 3 parts when it comes to effective property sourcing.  One of the elements you'll need to be a successful property sourcer / deal packager is the ability to find people who can buy the deals from you.  We'll show you step by step how to make that happen.

Learn How To Source Property Deals

But having waiting property investors to buy your deals is useless if you haven't got any deals to present.

So we'll show you 21 different ways to find property deals.

Learn How To Package The Deals For Sale

Then, when you've got a deal and a buyer who is interested in it, getting that deal across the line can be the hardest part.  Most property sourcers fail, because they can't get the deal closed.  I'll show you 8 different ways to close them.

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The COMPLETE PROPERTY SOURCING TRAINING is designed for those who are ready to take the plunge and seriously commit to being a Property Sourcer.

With 90 different training videos spread over 14 modules, you will learn 21 different ways to find Deals, 8 ways to close them, 7 ways to find property buyers/investors, how to package the deals and how to price the up.

It's a comprehensive training programme showing you every aspect, broken down into bite sized videos so that you can easily consume the content

Best of all, It's just £27, which is less than 30 pence per video!

Most of the properties I've bought over the last 20 years have been Below Market Value Properties.  I've either sourced them myself, or I've bought property deals from other sourcers, or I've sold them onto other investors.

Get Access To 
The Full Property Sourcing Course!

For the last 20 years, property has provided me with a lifestyle where my money flows in each month, and allows me to live the best life possible here in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea.  It's stuff dreams are made of, only I know it can happen because I'm here doing it.

So I wanted to give back, and by doing so, I created a Complete Property Sourcing Training Course to show other people what to do and how to do it, while making it accessible financially.

No crazy pricing, no weekend seminars where you have to run to the back of the room.  Just lots of content on how to be a Property Sourcer.

Look, If you want to learn a new skill, one that you can use for the rest of your life, that has the ability to generate a LOT of cash, then Property Sourcing has the potential to help you generate an extra income.

This literally has the ability to change your life, as it has already for many other people who have become full time property sourcers, making money from what they love.

About the Author

Daniel Latto has been investing in property since 1999.  Most of his portfolio is in Leeds, and a mixture of city centre properties, 2 bed back to backs, HMO's and semi detached properties.

He now lives in Spain with his family and makes regular trips back to the UK.